Lab News

May 25, 2011: Congratulations to the RoboUtes on a 2nd place finish at this year's NASA RASCAL Exploration Robo-ops competition!

May 3, 2011: Congratulations to Christian Redd on a successful M.S. thesis defense!

April 19, 2011: Another year, another great Design Day!

January 7, 2011: Hooray! Eric Johnson successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis!

January 6, 2011: Woo-hoo! Minu Gandhi successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis!

December 2010: The COE Fall Newsletter covered "A Shoe to Improve Gait".

Summer 2010: "A Gait Lab in a Shoe" is featured in the summer edition of the Innovations Newsletter from Technology Venture Development.

May 5, 2010: Congratulations to Lynn Yang for a successful M.S. thesis defense!

April 20, 2010: Great job at design day, everyone! KSL News provided nice coverage of our freshman biathlete robots!

Prior to 2010:

Stacy Bamberg watched the movie "Fog Island" for SciFi Friday and discussed booby trap design on the podcast accompanying KUEN's broadcast.

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